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Different skill levels and experience, shift availability, vacation and sick leave, along with finding suitable combinations of personnel to meet operational requirements make staff scheduling a challenge in any organization. The FAST approach from Unique Scheduling Solutions makes accommodating these constraints easily manageable.

Different skill levels and experience
Shift availability
Vacation and Sick leave

Solving both the straight forward and the complicated personnel assignments

Although some staffing schedules are simple enough to build with a grease board or a spreadsheet, others have complexities that require a knowledgeable staff person to spend significant time developing and maintaining. Examples include but are not limited to nurse scheduling where patient acuity, personnel expertise, seniority, and shift preferences must be considered. In factories, the hospitality industry, senior citizen facilities, movie & TV productions, even churches and schools have complicated staff assignment issues. Unlike simple booking systems or spreadsheet applications, the FAST system offered here by Unique Scheduling Solutions is ideally suited for solving both the straight forward and the complicated personnel assignment and timelining problems.

And you won’t outgrow the capabilities of other staff scheduling software when your operational environment becomes larger or more complex. The task that someone is spending valuable time doing will be simplified and therefore less costly for your organization. The savings will be many times greater than the cost of scheduling in the cloud with the FAST system.

Personnel schedules are recognized to be sensitive and private information. Unique Scheduling Solutions has implemented HIPA-compliant standards to isolate and protect your input and schedule data. There are no privacy issues to worry about in using this scheduling capability.

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