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Appliance repair technicians, HVAC field engineers, plumbers and electricians, delivery personnel and many other common service providers have timing, parts, skill-level, and vehicle constrains to manage. The FAST technique by Unique Scheduling Solutions makes scheduling these activities easy and efficient.

Appliance repair technicians
HVAC field engineers
Plumbers and Electricians
Delivery personnel and many other…

Users have complete control of the impact on the timeline caused by a change

Vehicles with different capacities, technicians with different skill sets, transfer times between locations, the need for different parts for different jobs, and emergency calls all create scheduling challenges. The nature of service businesses creates the need for frequent schedule revisions which must be done with minimal impact on a plan that has already been built. Promise times and rapid responses are the hallmarks of good customer service and repeat business. Feedback from the field often changes the expected duration of activities, thereby necessitating frequent timeline revisions.

Many scheduling systems built for these businesses require the entire timeline to be revised when a change is necessary. By contrast, the FAST system has been designed around rescheduling requirements thereby allowing any activities to keep their position on a timeline. Similarly, one (or several) activities can be unscheduled creating holes that can be filled manually or automatically. Users have a single action that will allows them to see all possible times that and activity with all required resources can be scheduled into the holes in an existing timeline. In other words, the user has complete control of the impact on the timeline caused by a change.

The history of usage of critical resources is also available from the FAST system. “What If Planning” is facilitated by the use of FAST. This is very helpful in analyzing the need for personnel, for fleet sizing, and for revising operational policies such as dispatching, technician training, inventory management, future staffing and future staffing.

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