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Fabricators, Assembly Facilities, Motion Picture Producers, Resorts, Wedding and Celebration Facilities, Convention Centers and Theaters are among the many places that do planning and scheduling as a primary business activity. The FAST technique provided by Unique Scheduling Solutions handles the complex constraints and scheduling demands in these environments.

Fabricators and Assembly Facilities
Get best efficiency from limited resources
Determine histories of resource utilization
“What-If Planning” for different scenarios

Ideal for “What-if Planning” Scenarios

Planning for production requires not only lead time considerations (such as that assumed by ERP or PERT) but also capacity considerations. The FAST system is a “Finite Capacity” planning system that allows the user to define capacities and times as any values. For planning purposes, activities can be a group of processes that are defined to be as complex as necessary to model the company’s real capabilities. Idealized for “What If” planning where the analyst is looking at different production configurations or production concepts, FAST is well suited for strategic planning such as the possibility of adding production lines or employing new manufacturing concepts with new machinery or shop floor layouts. Obviously the same capabilities can be used to look at downsizing or shutdown scenarios.

Production planning is not limited to manufacturing or assembly. For example, the movie industry must plan their shooting sessions, universities must plan their assignments of classrooms, staff, and class offerings, hotels and event centers must maintain capacity-constrained schedules. Think of all the places where grease boards are used to organize activities and plans. If there are multiple resources available in limited quantities and shared by many activities, then FAST is the ideal tool to create a timeline that benefits the organization.

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