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Schedule Medical Prodedures

Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Rehabilitation Facilities, Emergency Care Facilities, Nursing Home and Assisted Living Centers all have challenging scheduling tasks. The FAST system provided by Unique Scheduling Solutions is well suited for solving the scheduling problems found in these facilities.

Schedule Operating Rooms, Labs, Personnel
Coordinate Schedules Across Hospital, Clinics, and Labs
Find all Possible Times that an Activity is Feasible
Handle Different Priorities
Maintain a Change log as Schedules are Revised

Better visibility of resource usage

Unique resources include operating rooms, equipment, and medical supplies, all of which can limit scheduling possibilities. Because these resources are shared among many activities, finding simultaneous availability is difficult. Many hospitals and clinics have several people dedicated to the complex scheduling task.

Doctors often have certain block times during which they have operating room privileges. Different patient acuities and emergencies create the need to accommodate a range of priorities and also lead to many schedule revisions. Typically, these revisions require change logs to be maintained for historical records. Differences between planned actual timelines must be determined to assure accurate billing.

Many hospitals and clinics do not know which of their resources are truly constraining. Better visibility of resource usage over time and better scheduling often lead to the realization that the purchase of additional equipment or facilities can be avoided or delayed while still fulfilling the hospital’s mission.

The physicians using medical facilities usually maintain their own offices or clinics where scheduling is also done. These schedules must be coordinated.

The FAST scheduling technique was designed to accommodate all of these particular requirements found in medical facilities.

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