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Subscription Information & Pricing

$149 Basic Plan

Ideal for Any Individual or Enterprise with Dozens of Activities and Several Shared/Scarce Resources Such As:

Individuals and Organizations
Small Businesses
Local Service Companies
Schools and Non-Profits
Event Centers

$249 Enhanced Plan

Best suited for Any Enterprise with Hundreds of Activities and Dozens of Shared/Scarce Resources Such As:

Hospitals, Clinics
Hotels and Resorts
Convention Centers
Medical Laboratories
Service Companies

$399 Premium Plan

Capable of Accommodating Any Enterprise with Thousands of Activities any many Shared/Scarce Resources Such As:

Large Medical Centers
Major Production Companies (TV, Movies etc)
Large Professional Practices
Large Project Planning and Scheduling
Mass Distribution and Transportation

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Which Plan do I Need?


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Basic Plan – $149/month

This plan is sufficient for small businesses and other organizations that schedule a few dozen activities each week and have several resources that may constrain the schedule. It is also a place to begin using the FAST scheduler to get acquainted with its capabilities and its benefits to your organization.

It is recommended that users start with the basic plan to verify its utility and to estimate the benefits resulting from its use. Feedback will be provided if usage limits* are being approached or exceeded,  thereby allowing the user to upgrade if necessary.

*The size limits for each domain are determined by a combination of the number of activities and resources defined by the user, the number of timelines stored and the frequency of scheduling and unscheduling actions taken by the user. Extremely large users who exceed the limits of the premium plan can get a  customized quote.

Enhanced Plan – $249/month

This plan increases the size  and complexity of the scheduling domain by a factor of approximately ten.  It is sufficient for most large organizations such as manufacturers, hospitals, and production companies.  Organizations that use the FAST scheduler daily, that do frequent revision to their timelines, and that store a number of schedules on our site should still be accommodated by this plan. We will notify you if your usage approaches the limits of this plan so that you can upgrade to the premium level if necessary.

Premium Plan – $399/month

This plan again multiplies the size of the scheduling domain by a factor of approximately ten.  It is designed for very large enterprises that typically have several persons building and maintaining schedules.  It also accommodates organizations who use the FAST system for “What-If” planning or strategic analysis where many competing operations concepts are being compared.  This plan may also be necessary in cases where a large number of required resources are “wild-carded”  i.e. satisfied by numerous different combinations of resources that the user has asked the system to consider for building a near-optimal schedule.



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