Unique Scheduling Solutions

Pooled Resources

Suppose you are scheduling training sessions and each session requires a room, an instructor, and a laptop for each student.  You want to assign the rooms and instructors by name, but you don’t care which laptops are assigned to the trainees.  The laptops are a “pool” of resources. Or suppose you are scheduling an auto repair facility.  Each […]

Offset Resource Requirements

In the last post. we described how the FAST scheduler removes the difficulties that resource schedulers get into when users want to schedule multiple resources to accomplish a task, project, or activity.  In that post, we said that the FAST system will find all intervals when a set of required resources are available simultaneously.  That […]

Multiple Resources Scheduled Simultaneously

Unlike other schedulers that assign resources to a time slot, the Fast system schedules activities that may require many different resources simultaneously.  The system finds the time intervals when all required resources are available and shows those times to the scheduler.  Here are a few examples:  Suppose you are scheduling people and there is a task or meeting […]

New Capabilities

See how we’ve made the FAST scheduler even more flexible by allowing you to build your own objective function! Here are a few examples: Lets say you are a manufacturer and want to build a “Just-in-Time” schedule.  You can cause the scheduler to build a schedule from a target time backwards so that your job […]