Unique Scheduling Solutions

Resources Can Now Have Attributes

The FAST scheduler can now handle resources with attributes such as size, status, location, capacity, — or any other user-defined parameter. Activities can require resources that involve these attributes. For example, an activity can require a room with at least a specified capacity, or a person with a particular skill set. You can even build […]

Beware of Stovepipe Scheduling

A doctor’s office schedules appointments for their physicians using an application built specifically for medical practices, but they find out that there aren’t enough examining rooms to support that schedule. A baking plant makes products in batches that must be finished once they are started. They use a foodservice scheduling software that accommodates that requirement, […]

What’s the Priority?

Should you schedule the most important things first? If you have several activities to schedule, it seems like a logical strategy to schedule the higher priority ones before the lesser priority ones, right? Well that doesn’t always work out. In fact, it is rarely the best strategy for finding the best schedule. If you’re able […]

Tag! You’re it! How attributes bring scheduling software to the next level

As I have discussed in previous posts, the  scheduling problem is not only selecting a start time for activities, but also the challenge of selecting the resources to support those activities (aka: the “assignment problem.”) If you are a scheduler and you select all the resources for the activities yourself, you are taking on the […]

One Size Does Not Fit All: Essential versus desirable is a critical difference in scheduling

Do any of these sound familiar? This project has several tasks that can be done by any of my qualified technicians, but it’s best if the people who start the project complete all of the tasks. Umpires can work multiple games in a day, but its best if they don’t have to move from one […]