Unique Scheduling Solutions

What’s a “Good” Schedule?

What’s your objective when building a schedule? Do you want to get as much done with the fewest resources? Do you want to distribute the work load as evenly as possible? Do you want to minimize cost? Do you want to satisfy the preferences of your workers? Do you want to minimize the failed promise […]

Ready? Set? GO!

Many activities in factories, event centers, hotels, construction projects and other industries require some kind of set-up—or “predecessor”–before the activity can occur. But not all predecessors are the same.  Most predecessors need to finish any time before the actual activity starts. For example, a meeting room needs tables and chairs to be set up at […]

The NOUNS and VERBS of Scheduling

Do you schedule activities, projects, tasks, events, cases, games, meetings, processes, or procedures?  Does your scheduling application force you to use one of those terms? Do you schedule people, trucks, rooms, machines, computers, fields, or equipment?  Does your scheduling application assume one of those terms? In a previous blog – (http://www.schedulingdoneright.com/the-search-for-a-common-format-why-generic-is-a-good-thing/)-  I discussed the emergence […]