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Scheduling Is Not Your Problem–Rescheduling Is!

What takes longer: building a schedule or revising a schedule?? Most operations analysts believe revising a schedule takes more time..   But why? The answer is that things seldom go as planned.  Feeding the actual circumstances back into the planning process necessitates replanning.  This feedback loop is apparently ignored by some of the scheduling tool designers.  […]

Best Practices for Scheduling

Be sure to read a new BLOG that discusses the challenges of performing effective and practical scheduling. Please visit www.SchedulingDoneRight.com for regular posts that reveal best practices, the features of good scheduling tools, and ideas for handling challenging constraints and operational peculiarities.

Supply Chain Uncertainties; Minimizing the Impact on Operations

Even the best managed supply chains have uncertainties. Suppliers are producers themselves and their operations have unexpected interruptions. No one’s promise dates are achieved with 100% certainty. So your “Just-In-Time” operation is sometimes Not-In-Time. To minimize the impact of these supply chain uncertainties, most producers create buffer inventories of supplies. But the bigger the buffers, […]

5, 10, 15, … 50% Savings by the Fives!

If these percentages were the savings you made in operating expenses, good things would be happening in your career. More surgeries with the same number of operating rooms More service calls with the same number of technicians and vehicles More billable time for your key personnel More revenue events in your event center Fewer classrooms […]

Time is a Continuum

Does your scheduling software know that? Image courtesy of Keerati at FreeDigitalPhotos.net “We may be going to hell in a bucket, babe, but at least we’re enjoying the ride.” –The Grateful Dead In reality, using the “bucket” approach for scheduling is neither enjoyable nor effective. Chopping time up into segments–often called buckets–leads to scheduling and […]

Are You Doing It Wrong?

How scheduling your resources is setting you up for failure. It’s Monday! The weekend was great and you’re well-rested. You’ve got your coffee in-hand and feeling confident. This week/quarter/month of scheduling will be easier. I’m here to tell you that it won’t. (Cue the collective sigh.) I hear it all the time. “I have to […]