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A short demo will show you why we are different from other systems such as Appointment Schedulers, Project Schedulers or even MRP/ERP. It will give you a brief overview of the capabilities of or system to describe both simple and the most complex scheduling scenarios. In the demo, you will see some of the flexibility to create schedules, modify them, resolve conflicts and obtain efficient utilization of scarce and shared resources. TAKE A LOOK

How Does it Work?

Our solution process draws from recent developments in “Finite Capacity Scheduling.” It combines sophisticated computer algorithms with reasoning extracted from successful schedulers working in a variety of environments where constraints are prevalent and resources may be scarce. Success of the approach has been demonstrated by its current use where schedules are critical such as hospitals, space mission planning, and manufacturing. More Info 

Plans & Pricing

Our Finite Capacity Scheduler called “FAST” is available to you by monthly subscription plans priced at one of three different levels. All three plans have full functionality. The price difference is base on the size of your domain. Our prices are affordable for the smallest to the largest users. A free trial is available with full functionality so that you can try one plan and graduate to higher-level plan if necessary to accommodate your domain or growth.
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